Boston Area Undergraduate Physics Competition

2004 competition:
The 2004 problem set and the 2004 solutions have been posted.
Here are the detailed Results of '2004 BAUPC
All participants have been notified of their results by email.

We made problems and solutions for the previous years available here

What is BAUPC?

B stands for "Boston", which is a bit of misnomer since the competition quickly outgrew Boston area in the first couple of years. BAUPC is a physics and (somewhat) math competition that was designed to extend the idea and spirit of high school olympiads to embrace students currently enrolled in undergraduate program. Generously supported by Harvard Physics Department the competition is held once a year usually in April. The competition is currently organized by graduate students of Harvard Physics Department, but interested parties from both inside and outside of the University are welcome to join the team.

In its first 2 years the competition was a Boston area event, most participants being undergraduate students from Harvard, MIT, and occasionally from nearby Boston University, Northeastern, Tufts and Brandeis.

In 1997 Berkeley, Princeton and Caltech joined the effort.

In 1998 UC at Santa Barbara joined the list, and with the participation of Simon Fraser University the event became international.

In 1999 we welcomed Cornell University, University of Texas at Austin and State University of New York at Stony Brook and we have expanded since then.
If your school is interested in conducting the competition in the future, contact us here.

2006 Competition Cancelled:

"Unfortunately we have decided not to hold the competition this spring. We hope to continue the competition in the future. Please check in with this webpage next year.
Oleg and David.