Presentation Honoring Peter for the approximately 30th Anniversary of his initiation of Liquid Surface Synchrotron X‑ray Scattering.
The event was at the Banquet of the 14th Surface X-ray and Neutron Scattering Conference that was held at Brookhaven National Laboratory in -July 2016

Some of the images in the following presentation were contributed by Patrick Huber. Others were pictures taken during the presentation by Moshe Deutsch at the conference banquet.

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I have added comments that explain who the people are that appear in these images
They are listed in the order in which they appear in the slides.

Jens Als-Nielsen

Jens is a Professor emeritus at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhaven. He designed and built the first liquid surface reflectometer in 1982. He invited me to join him at Hasylab and together we carried out the first measurements on the surface liquid crystals, water and other simple liquids. Our collaboration ended around 1985 when the Brookhaven Synchrotron came on-line and limitations on US government funds made my travel to Hasylab unpractical

Alan Braslau

Alan was the first graduate student of mine to work on liquid surfaces. He participated in the early Hasylab experiments on liquid crystals, water and simple organic liquids. He also worked with Gerry Swislow to design the SPEC software that is now used throughout the world to control multiple instruments.

Moshe Deutsch

Moshe is a professor at Bar Ilan University in Israel. He spent two Sabbatical Leaves from Bar Ilan at Harvard. He participated in the experiments with Als-Nielsen at Hasylab. In the roughly 30 years since his first visit we collaborated on many of the liquid surface experiments that our group carried out. In addition he sent his own graduate student Oleg Gang to do post doctoral studies with me.

He has hosted my wife and I in Israel a number of times and our friendship is one of the highlights of my life.

Yohko Yano

Visitor from Japan in 2001-2002. She is now a Professor at the Kindai University in Japan.

Alexei Grigoriev

Alexei is a Professor of Physics in the College of Engineering & Natural Sciences at the University of Tulsa. He was a postdoc at Harvard in 2001.

Oleg Gang

After getting his PhD with Moshe Deutsch at Bar Ilan he joined me as a postdoc from 1999 to 2002. He is now a scientist at Brookhaven; however, starting this month he will have a joint appointment in Applied Physics and Chemical Engineering at Columbia University.

Oleg Shpyrko

Oleg was a graduate student who received his PhD in 2004 He spent another year as a postdoc where he did some of the important experiments on liquid metals. He spent two years at Argonne National Laboratory following which he moved to the Univesity of California San Diego where he is now an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics.

Patrick Huber

Patarick is a Professor at Hamburg University of Technology, Germany. He was a postdoc with me in the early 2000.

Masa Fukuto

Masa is a beam line scientist at the new synchrotron at Brookhaven, NSLS II. He obtained his PhD with me in 2001. The most important work that he did at Harvard was confirmation of details of the Casimir effect arising from critical fluctuations in a binary mixture.

Ben Ocko

Ben was a postdoc with me at Harvard following his PhD at MIT in 1984. He is a senior scientist at Brookhaven.

In those years we collaborated with Jens Als-Nielsen to do some of the first liquid surface experiments at HASYLAB. Ben also helped to construct the first American liquid surface reflectometer at Brookhaven and continued to work with me and my students for a number of years at both Brookhaven and the Advanced Photon Source. He provided basic technical support to our group and eventually made major improvemenets to the initial reflectometer design. In good part the successes of our group have a debt to Ben.

I am deeply grateful to Ben for all the years of our collaboration and for all of the efforts to put together this meeting. Particularly for his coordination at this meeting of the recognition of my contributions to the field.

Holger Tostman

Postdoc who worked on liquid metals in the early 1990s.

Lorraine Ocko

Ben Ocko's wife.

Tim Salditt

Is a Group Leader at the Insitute for X-ray Physics in Gottingen, Germany. I never had the pleasure of working with Tim; however, I know and appreciate his work.

Mark Schlossman

Mark joined me as a postdoc in 1987. He is now a Professor and Univ. of Illinois at Chicago. He coauthored the book on Liquid Surfaces and Interfaces. I also collaborted with Mark and others in the design and use of the liquid surface reflectometer at the ChemMatCars beam line at the Advanced Photon Source.

Eric Sirota

Did his PhD with me in the mid 1980's. Although he carried out synchrotron experiments on freely suspended liquid crystal films at the Standford synchrotron he never worked on the free surface studies with Als-Nielsen. He is a "Hyrocarbon Physicist" at the Exxon Corporate Research Laboratory.

Denis Keane

Denis worked in my lab as a Harvard undergraduate. He is now a professor at North Western

Alex Weiss

Alex is a professor in the Physics Department at the University of Texas at Arlington. He was a postdoc in our group from 1983-1984.

His wife Juli is sitting next to him at the table